Anne Galante | Srta. Galante

Anne Galante

My dreamy mind finds letters in the wind that fall on my needles and begin to create.

Precise stitches seem confused, and meters and meters of yarn form curves and angles, embedding all of my intimacy in a multitude of storylines that blend together in my recipe for life.

At the core, hands create a magical meaning, interweaving materials, crossing and uncrossing these haphazardly like the paths that I follow.

I weave silk threads that form the fabric of my existence, filling today with surprises, but without secrets, and stitching the future together, thread by thread, full of love and hope.

And what about the patches? Oh, the patches! We have 2 choices: we either mend everything to start over or we discard it all. Remnants from the past!

In the meantime, the scissors of life cut the rest and we complete our dream with a flawless finish!

Each year we learn to move up the ladder of evolution, rung by rung, step by step, stitch by stitch.

 We embroider a smile on our face and are grateful for this life full of textures and adventure!

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