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Product Care


- Hand-wash only

- Do not use machine wash, machine dry or dry clean

- Do not use bleach

- Dry horizontally, in the shade

- Do not hang the item

- Do not wring the item

- Do not iron

- Do not store pieces on a hanger as they will fray

- Be careful of rings and sharp objects that can pull the thread. If a thread gets pulled,

use a needle to fix it. Never cut the thread.


All our pieces are handmade. Please follow these instructions when washing:

Fashion pieces, cushions and flowerpot holders:

1. Fill a tub or bucket with room temperature water to prevent shrinking your piece of

knitting or crochet.

2. Add some detergent for delicate clothes or neutral soap and place the piece in the


3. Lightly rub the piece to remove any dirt.

4. Rinse gently and squeeze to remove excess water, but do not wring the piece.

5. Place the item on a flat surface and put a towel underneath to absorb moisture.

7. Let the item dry in the shade.

Hassocks and rugs:

Cleaning: Use a vacuum cleaner in the direction of the weave, do not use steam


Washing: Use specialized laundry services. Do not use bleach and dry in the shade.

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