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Sustainable Practices

At Srta. Galante, we believe that work only makes sense if it benefits everyone:  customers, the label, our partners, and the planet. This is why we are involved in actions that contribute to the training and development of artisans.

We generate income opportunities

Señorita Galante boasts a network of skilled knitters and crochet artisans who produce items with great care and receive fair payment for their work. Most of these artisans are homemakers who are unable to work outside of the home for various reasons and see this partnership as a way of earning an income to maintain their financial independence or provide for their families.

We offer capacity building programs

Lua Nova is a non-profit organization which works with women who are in socially vulnerable situations. The NGO offers capacity building programs that teach knitting and crochet, providing these women with the opportunity to learn a skill that enables them to change their life. The students can partner with Señorita Galante and earn a fair and stable income by producing knitwear and crochet items for the brand.

We take care of our resources

We make sure to not waste anything. This is not fair to our planet or to our customers. That is why we use the yarn from start to finish, by linking one ball of yarn to another or by using the material in our Laços Unidos Contra o Frio project. In addition, we favor Brazilian-made yarns and threads provided by socially responsible suppliers, as this material has a lower environmental impact than imported materials.

Bringing warmth to those who are cold

Every year we organize an event called Laços Unidos Contra o Frio, which brings together hundreds of people who crochet wool patches. These wool patches are then sewn together to create quilts and blankets. The quilts and blankets are donated to non-profit organizations such as orphanages, senior care homes, and shelters to provide warmth in the winter. This event is held every year between May and June.  People come together to work in groups to produce the patches. You can participate in the event in person or send in your contribution by mail.

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