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The story of Señorita Galante is so personal that it cannot be told without the presence of these two young women: sisters Anne and Ana.  Their private life is interwoven with their professional desires. In 2008, the two sisters decided to create the fashion label, which constantly tests the limits of what can be done with a needle and thread.

Anne Galante has a natural talent for knitting and crocheting. Her hands never tire; she learned the techniques at the age of 12 and has never stopped since then. During her teens, she produced knitted or crocheted pieces for friends or to sell at events. Her decision to study fashion design at SENAC came as no surprise to the people around her.

Even when attending college, Anne never let go of her needles. As she lived far away from work and college, she would take advantage of the many hours she spent commuting by bus to work on her creations. She was so productive that her exclusive creations began to attract the attention of stylists. For several years, Anne produced knitwear and crochet pieces for well-known fashion labels in the Brazilian market.

This intense period was a major learning experience. As time went by, Anne realized that her work could have a bigger purpose, more closely aligned with her goals in life.  Her experience with major fashion labels proved that the fast fashion model is unsustainable. Therefore, she decided to undertake something more special by dedicating herself to her own creations and by following a more conscious production and consumption model.

In the meantime, Ana had graduated in Textile and Fashion Design from the University of São Paulo, and was making a career in the advertising industry. However, she felt that something was missing. She had the need to work with something she really believed in. To this end, she started to use her professional experience to showcase her sister´s work to the world and together they embarked on this new journey.

Ana is responsible for the label’s concept and marketing, as well as for managing the business. Always surrounded by needles, yarn and thread, Anna dedicates her time to creating and developing new designs. She is also responsible for production, training and capacity building. Ana has her feet on the ground, which balances out the intensity of Anne´s work. Anne embraces any crazy idea that comes her way, while Ana takes a calmer approach.

Having overcome the initial growth stages, nowadays the sisters know that the label’s most valuable feature is the handmade work and the talent of the women who help to create the work. Empower artisans and generate opportunities for income and development. To promote sustainable growth, Señorita Galante founded a group of experienced knitters and crochet artisans who view their partnership with the label as an opportunity to gain financial independence.

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